How does Epizyn heal the skin?

Check out this helpful infographic and video on how Epizyn works to learn more!

How do I use Epizyn?

Apply Epizyn to the affected area twice daily or as directed by your physician.


How long does it take Epizyn to work?

The length of time to see results varies from person to person. Epizyn can begin working immediately upon using, but you should see or feel changes in the skin with 7-10 days of usage, with twice a day application. Epizyn is considered a therapeutic treatment. The therapy period may be shorter or longer for some people based on prior condition, diet, and other factors that affect the speed of the healing process.


Does Epizyn burn or sting?

Most users do not experience any type of discomfort, but there have been cases of a slightly uncomfortable tingle that subsides within about 20 seconds. This is because Epizyn works at the cellular level.


Can Epizyn be used around the mouth?

Epizyn may be used topically around the mouth as well as inside the mouth for canker sores. Epizyn can be an excellent agent for the healing and promotion of health for cold sores and herpes.


Can Epizyn be used on the eyelids?

Yes, Epizyn original formula may be used topically on the eyelids and is safe to use. It is has been found useful on itchy, irritated eyelids.


Can Epizyn be used around the eyes?

Epizyn original formula is safe for use around the eyes, however, it is not indicated or recommended for use in the eyes.


What is the active ingredient in Epizyn?

The active ingredient in Epizyn is zinc gluconate. Most zinc products use zinc oxide or zinc pyrithione which does not have the same level of bioavailability as Epizyn. This means you get more zinc into your skin at a cellular level with Epizyn. Other ingredients include L-lysine and Taurine.

What is Lidocaine?

Lidocaine is a topical anesthetic that causes numbness or loss of feeling temporarily.  It deadens the nerve endings in the skin for allowing application of Epizyn and more comfortable healing process.  DON’T USE AROUND THE EYES OR MOUTH.

What is Epizyn + Lidocaine used for?

Epizyn plus Lidocaine is used for itching and pain caused by sunburn, minor burns, insect bites, stings, poison ivy, oak, and sumac, minor cuts, scratches, scrapes, and eczema. Epizyn L contains 0.5% lidocaine and is intended only as a surface anesthetic.  Treating the surface of the skin comfortably where nerve ending may be excited or exposed is the objective of Epizyn L.  Lidocaine is considered the safest topical anesthetic available.  Used in affected areas of skin being treated by Epizyn L only is safe, even for small children.  If an allergic reaction occurs, stop using and contact your physician. 

What is Camphor?

Camphor is a powder that originally came from the bark and wood of the camphor tree.  It is all natural.  DO NOT USE AROUND THE EYES.

Is Camphor safe?

Some camphor products of 12% or higher can lead to camphor toxicity levels.  This is usually found by ingesting products high in camphor (i.e. Vicks).  However, Epizyn at 1% is very safe even around the mouth for the helping to heal cold sores.  


Can Epizyn be used on children?

Yes, Epizyn can be used on children and should be helpful in treating cradle cap and diaper rash!


Can I use Epizyn with other medications?

Epizyn is often used as an adjunct therapy to internal drugs, steroids and anti-inflammatories. Do not mix Epizyn with other topicals other than vitamin E. Epizyn has not been tested with other topicals used for treating skin conditions.


What is the difference between the gel and the spray?

The difference between the gel and spray is the gel has a thicker consistency. The spray is lighter in texture. Both formulas work the same on the skin and contain the same amount of active ingredients.


Can zinc be toxic?

Zinc does have a toxicity level in humans. Most people are zinc deficient to begin with and to reach a level of toxicity with Epizyn would be nearly impossible. Testing has shown that ingestion of zinc of 570mg (4grams) will begin to cause vomiting and nausea. Epizyn does not contain levels of zinc that could cause toxicity without abuse of ingestion.


Is Epizyn safe during pregnancy?

It is always best to discuss first with your doctor before using any products while pregnant. Epizyn may be used by many pregnant women for skin conditions during their term. It is actually recommended by many doctors to take a zinc supplement during pregnancy as the daily requirement goes up to 12mg during pregnancy and lactation.


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