Several elderly patients that were suffering from lower extremity diabetic neuropathic ulcers were placed on Epizyn.  These patients had unsatisfactory results with Becaplermin.  Improvement within six days was noted after applying Epizyn twice daily.

- Dr. Craig Griffin

"We have placed seven patients on the Epizyn neutralized zinc topical provided to us. Of those patients, 90 percent have responded positively with regard to itching, erythema, and scaling."

- Dr. Juan Jose Pineda

"...the topical appeared to promote epithelialization of the damaged skin in several of our patients. It also appeared to reduce the pain associated with the healing of burns and improved the elasticity of the new skin."

- Dr. Henry P. Van Wyk



I have been managing a difficult and severe case of eczema.  The only relief and healing from extreme itching and burning came from the Epizyn-L spray as well as the gel and Zinc alone.  I could not have tolerated it without the epizyn.  I am healing now as a result, but still very much require the  zinc with lidocaine at times on   a daily basis and hope that this can be supplied shortly.   I cannot imagine being without the epizyn-L  particularly through flares and have never found such an effective and soothing product for my skin. I am so grateful.

- Debby Hollando, Morton Grove, Illinois


"I just had a recent outbreak of shingles.  On day 3 I started a light spray application of Epizyn Plus Lidocaine .  I felt the benefits on day 4 when the pain, burning, and tingling sensations seemed to subside. I than started to apply a more liberal amount during the blistering stages over the next 8 days. Epizyn brought relief to the affected area. "

- Julie, Aesthetician, Barrington, Illinois

"My 12 year old had a rash on his arm from a wrestling mat. He used Epizyn and it stopped the itching immediately and the rash was almost healed the next day."

- Jack Zimny


"The product has made a huge difference for my eczema, my eyes have pretty much cleared up and my arm is cleared up. I don't know how many other products that I have tried over the years and have had no success. For the most part they have caused even more irritation. I am very happy with the results after just a few days. Thank you."

- Connie Albrecht, Olds, Alberta Canada


"My 6 month old baby had dermatitis and redness all over his body and face. I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed desonide cream a steroid. I couldn't put the steroid cream on my baby's face and eyelids so I used the Epizyn and by the next morning the skin was 80% healed. It also helped the itching my baby was experiencing. I used Epizyn on my belly while I was pregnant and had no stretch marks or itching. The Epizyn product is a hidden gem."

- Lori Sizer, Belmont, North Carolina


"Hey this works on herpes 1 and 2! I don't know why it is such a secret. Tried desitin for 3 weeks, and it just didn't cut it. One application of zinc gluconate and bingo. Zicam used to sell it 10 years ago as a nasal spray but they stopped and switched over to some horrible replacement.

Awesome. Glad you have this available."

 - John

"I began using Epizyn on some abrasions that were on my shins from a terrible fall.  The wound nurse told me it would take many months to heal.  I decided to try Epizyn gel mixed with Vitamin E oil and my skin healed within to 6-7 weeks.  I was amazed at the results.

I also had an aggressive squamous cell-skin cancer on my hand and neck and I was receiving radiation treatments.  My skin was burning from the treatments.  I tried the radiation gel my Dr suggested, but it burned my skin.  They then switched me to Aquaphor which did nothing for the burning.  Then, I tried the Epizyn gel and got relief from the burning sensation.  I am so grateful for the Epizyn product and its many uses."

- Lerria Higgins, Fort Myers, FL


"Epizyn is a wonderful product, thank you for making it. I can't say for sure if it helped with HSV-2 directly, but I will say that it healed some skin that had become damaged from HSV-2. I had an area that just never seemed to return to normal after an outbreak and I had tried many different skin products to heal the area with little success. After using Epizyn for about 6 weeks 2x a day the skin is now completely healed and back to normal! This for me is a godsend and I am so relieved to have finally found something that is actually helpful.

I also began using Epizyn on any skin issues, including scars and my girlfriend uses it for acne. We both have been amazed at the wonderful results. I would whole heartedly recommend Epizyn to anyone, I have yet to experience any side effects.

If for any reason Epizyn were to ever be taken off the shelves, please let me know, I will buy a lifetime supply!"

- Alexi

"Love Epizyn skin care product!! I was suffering with red peeling skin issues on my face. I started using Epizyn and within 7 days all the dry peeling patches were healed!! GREAT PRODUCT."

- Mary K. Kostka-Thorne, Rockford, IL

"I used it and healed up a cold sore in 7 days, usually takes 10-14. So I like it!"

- Rachel Sellers, Alabama

"I've suffered for a long time with eczema and have tried numerous other products on the market with unsatisfactory results. After coming across a message about Epizyn in a forum I thought I would give it a try. This product really does work!! And as they advertise it also helps other skin conditions besides the eczema which was like a bonus to me. Also their product support is excellent - they really do look after their customer! I'm very pleased with their product and give my sincere recommendation to anyone that is interested in trying it."

- G. Roth, Alberta, Canada

"...in only six days of applying the gel, it had done what no other previously prescribed treatment had been able to do."

- Donna Waugh, Portola, CA

"I began using Epizyn prior to a breakout HSV-2 that I could feel was coming. My symptoms were pain, redness and itching in the genital area. I sprayed Epizyn on the area and felt some stinging, but within minutes subsided. Before bedtime I sprayed Epizyn again and took 1/8 of a Valtrex pill. By the next morning all symptoms were gone. The relief from Epizyn was amazing!  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to heal a break out or prevent an outbreak from coming."

- Lisa, Tampa, FL

“The first time I had shingles I was 21.  I have had recurring outbreaks about every 3 years.  Usually an outbreak can take weeks to heal and can leave scarring.  My last outbreak was about 6 months ago and I applied Epizyn to the sores.  The healing time was cut in half plus, it helped the scarring from the outbreak.  I am glad to finally found something to help. Thanks so much!”

- Kim Marosi, Lake Zurich, IL

"I love the Epizyn!!! My scar is shrinking and feels softer -- and it's the fountain of youth for my face!! Wow! Miracles at 65!!! Thanks so much for sending it."

- Nancy Rost, Lakeland, FL

"This product has really been a blessing for me. I have suffered with skin problems ranging from dryness, to dandruff, to acne, and stretch marks from pregnancy. Amazingly Epizyn has improved all of these problems. I will continue to use this drug as long as I have issues with my skin, which will probably be forever."

- Christina L., Hamilton, MI

"I used this topical for a recurring dryness-flakiness problem on my face after nothing else seemed to work. The problem areas were a bit red in color. Epizyn made a noticeable difference within two days and by the third day my face looked and felt healthier than normal. I am not sure if it was eczema or something else, but whatever it is, the gel took care of it surprisingly quick."

- Richard R., Carpentersville, IL

"My dry itchy skin was unbearable during my pregnancy, and my doctor had recommended some lotions and hydrocortisone. Nothing worked until I found the Epizyn website and ordered a bottle. Not only did my skin stop itching, but my stretch marks are barely visible."

- Elizabeth Kraft, Newport Beach, CA



"After seeing the relief Epizyn brought to my daughter for diaper rash, I always keep Epizyn around my home and have recommended it to all of my friends and relatives and even doctors. Family members have also experienced favorable results for other skin conditions. I hope more doctors and health care providers will prescribe your product and stop poisoning the society with steroids and other chemicals."

- Bazhena T, Middle Village, NY

"My baby girl was suffering from what seemed to be a recurring diaper rash problem. I tried many things to get rid of the redness and irritation but nothing worked well until my friend gave me the Epizyn to try. It was like she had a new layer of skin the next morning -- I couldn't believe it!"

- Kellie Wilson, Wauconda, IL

"I have recommended many products over the years for chronic diaper rash. Epizyn is more like a miracle cure than just another zinc product. The overall results have been remarkable."

- Patricia Chiamas, M.D., Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL