by Maureen Kelley March 13, 2017

Shingles or (Herpes Zoster) comes from the varicella zoster virus or the same virus as chickenpox.  It is a viral infection that causes a painful rash in small areas of the face or body and looks like blisters. 

It commonly appears as a single stripe of blisters.  If you have had chickenpox, the virus lies inactive in your body.  Years later, the virus may reappear as shingles.  Shingles can be very painful.  Vaccines may reduce the risk of getting shingles.

Some of the symptoms of the shingles virus include:


-Red rash

-Pain, numbness and burning

-Fluid filled blisters

Other symptoms include:




Usually a shingles outbreak displays a rash that develops as a stripe of blisters located on the torso.  The rash can appear on the face, neck and eyes.

The cause of shingles is from the varicella zoster virus or chickenpox virus.  Usually the cause of shingles is due to a weakened immune system.  It is more prevalent in older adults.  A person with shingles can pass it to anyone who isn’t immune to chickenpox.  This occurs by contact with the open sores of the shingles rash.  You are contagious until the blisters scab over.  Avoid physical contact with newborns, pregnant women and anyone with a weakened immune system.

Epizyn has been helpful in healing and repairing the skin during a shingles outbreak. Epizyn will help with itching, pain, and rashes.  Applying Epizyn two times a day will give the quickest results for healing.

Maureen Kelley
Maureen Kelley


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